Meroddi Pera Hotel is one of the best boutique hotels in Taksim, Pera area of Istanbul. Meroddi Pera serves as a boutique hotel since 2013, its 61 rooms in 7 historic buildings are located next to each other in the Şahkulu neighbourhood in Galata. Each property was carefully restored with utmost respect to the history of the building. For this reason their motto is ‘WHERE HOSPITALITY MEETS HISTORY’. Let’s check out my review about ISTANBUL, TAKSIM BOUTIQUE HOTEL RECOMMENDATION…

1891 records show the owner of the main building (Şahkulu Street, No. 20) as Mr. Andre Madeleny, who had a pharmacy, that also sold orthopaedic materials, at Grande Rue de Pera. This is why they name the main building after “Maison Madeleny,” today.

Meroddi Pera Hotel is the first and only hotel of its kind in the whole of Istanbul, working under the concept of “distributed hospitality.

The rooms are cosy and the prices are affordable. After a good night’s sleep it is wonderful to have a magnificent Turkish breakfast with home made jams, omlette with turkish chorizo, olives, cheeses, tomatoes, peppers, clotted cream, honey and Turkish tea at their restaurant ‘La Scalatta’.


Sahkulu Mahallesi, Sahkulu Sokak No:16 Taksim, Beyoglu/Istanbul

0 (212) 245 25 21

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