Central Hotel RecommendatIon In Rostock, Penta Hotels, Review

“At the heart of the city centre” is often used  when hotels are trying to explain how central they are. But most of the time they are not at the heart of the city exactly. But if we are talking about Penta Hotel at Rostock, we mean it. The city port with its unique Hanseatic city style and wealth of restaurants, clubs and theatres is right next door to Penta Hotel Rostock. The shopping centre Rostocker Hof is sharing the same roof with the hotel as well. And everything else you need is just around the  corner, I promise:) Let’s see my review about Penta Hotels, Rostock…


Other than the advantage of location Penta Hotel Rostock has a warm and cosy atmosphere, great design that you might expect to find in Milan or London. The practical and comfortable guestrooms continue the design approach. Simple and comfortable.

The lobby area is fascinating, stylish and very multi-functional. You can both check in or read a book, play bilardo or have a fabuloucious dinner at the same area. Steaks, burgers are cooked to perfection, desserts are to die for.

Breakfast is served in a saloon with a fantastic view of Rostock houses with a brick gothic architecture. Starting the day with a glass of prosecco at Penta Breakfast is a fabulous way to rise and shine.

Once you stay at Penta Hotels, you will always be looking forward to stay again.



Schwaansche Str. 6, 18055 Rostock, Germany


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