‎London, the culinary capital of the world, is a city where you can find the best representatives of the all cuisines. There are many Turkish restaurants that offer hot & cold meze, sharing platters, Turkish kebabs and charcoal grills with a great food and service quality in London.

I have listed the Top 8 ‎‎Turkish Kebab Restaurants with up to date prices, some of which are modern kebab restaurants and some are more fancier with a fine dining konsept.‎



‎Gokyuzu Restaurant, with a 20 years of experience at four branches in Harringay, Chingford, Walthamstow and Finchley, in north London, is appreciated for its fast and friendly service in modern atmosphere. In addition to  the “Full Platter” – a combination of lamb shish, chicken shish, adana kebab, lamb ribs, chicken and lamb doner, chicken wings and of course rice and bulgur and kebabs, “Manti” – tiny beef dumplings topped with yoghurt, “Icli kofte” – stuffed meatballs with couscous and lamb mince, “Lahmacun” – Turkish thin and crispy pizza with minced meat and “Kunefe” -sweet cheese pastry are also very popular.  Adana Kebab and Lamb Skewers are priced at ‎‎£18.5, Full Platter £55 (for 4-5 people to share), Icli kofte £9.5, Manti £9.5, Lahmacun £5.5, Kunefe £7.5.‎



Gökyüzü Harringay Tel: 020 8211 8406 Gökyüzü Chingford Tel: 020 8527 4927

Gökyüzü Walthamstow Tel: 020 8520 2998 Gökyüzü Finchley Tel: 020 8492 1662



Skewd Kitchen is an award-winning, fine dining Anatolian restaurant  in Cockfosters, redefining Turkish cuisine through its use of specialist ingredients and innovative cooking techniques.

Run by Executive Chef Maz Demir, the Skewd Kitchen menu is influenced by the cultural heritage of Anatolia, a region which encompasses Turkey, the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Many of Maz Demir’s recipes were passed to him by his Turkish mother, but Maz Demir combines traditional and innovative cooking methods with unique ingredients to update this cuisine for a contemporary London audience.

Do not forget to make a reservation in advance so that you will not miss this feast. The current price sampling of popular tastes is as follows: “Beyti” £19.9 – Skewered minced lamb wrapped in lavas bread, hung yoghurt , “Ali Nazik” £24.9 – Lamb shish on smashed eggplant, hung yoghurt, “Halep” £18.5  – Skewered minced lamb on spicy pepper and onion sauce, “Sujuk” £6.9 – Coal-fired beef sausage, herb yoghurt, honey, “Pachanga” £7.9 – Turkish spring roll, bell peppers, mushrooms, kasharcheese, cured beef.


Adress: 12 Cockfosters Parade, London, EN4 OBX

Tel: 020 8449 7771



The varieties of Turkish kebab are somehow available In London but it is not easy to find a proper doner kebab as you can find in Turkey. At this point, Antepliler Restaurant in Harringay comes to our rescue. Antepliler Restaurant is so assertive about doner kebab that they have a separate restaurant for this vertically-roasted  kebab.

Decorated with traditional Anatolian theme, the venue offers all types of doner kebab :  “Doner Wrap “ (£9) – special slices of doner inside the fresh tandoori bread with onion parsley, tomato served with chips, Pilav Ustu Et” (£12) – Special slices of doner top of the rice with salad & bread, “Doner Kebab” (£14) –  Special slices of doner served with salad, rice, chips and bread,  “Iskender Kebab” (£12.5) – Special slices of doner top of, crispy breaded with tomato sauce, yogurt and butter. On top of the doner kebab, there is also “Kunefe”sweet cheese pastry (£6) +Turkish tea (£1). Only soft drinks are served in Antepliler Restaurant.


Adress: 45-46 Grand Parade, Green Lanes, Harringay Ladder, London N4 1AG

Tel: 020 8802 5588



Located by the Thames in Canary Wharf, the business center of London, Hazev Restaurant offers traditional Turkish dishes with original recipes. It is great to enjoy a blend of modern and classic Eastern Mediterranean cuisine of Anatolia in the heart of the Docklands, imagining ourselves by the Bosphorus, and to experience the spirit of Turkey as a family while sampling a vast array of dishes all specially prepared by expert Turkish chefs.

The current price sampling of popular tastes is as follows: “Hazev İskender” £18.25 – Mixed grilled meats on a bed of homemade pita bread, topped with rich tomato sauce and creamy yogurt , “Coban Kavurma” £17.25 – Diced lamb cooked with onions, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, cubanelle peppers and herbs, “Hazev Special” £17.75  – Slow cooked lamb on a bed of creamy smoked aubergine sauce blended with cheddar cheese , “Turlu” £14.75 – Anatolian village style stew of potatoes, aubergines, courgettes, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, served with couscous and yogurt.


Adress: Discovery Dock Apartments West, 2 S Quay Square, London E14 9RT

Tel: 020 7515 9467



Unlike the other Turkish restaurants, which are mostly located in North London, the Antalya restaurant has a very central location which can be reached by getting off the Central Line at Holborn Station. The venue has a classical elegance and fully appeals to the Turkish taste with its meze, kebab, charcoal grill varieties and oven dishes. However, the place has such a delicious “Katmer” £5.95 – A delicately balanced mixture of pistachio nuts and cream, wrapped in a wafer thin layer of pastry – that this flavor overshadows the rest of the menu. The current price sampling of popular tastes is as follows: “Icli kofte” £7.5 – Fried lamb mince with pine nuts and fresh herbs wrapped in crashed wheat, “Adana Kebab” £15.95- Grilled minced lamb mixed with red pepper, onion and herbs, served with rice and bean salad and “Lamb Lokkum” £23.95 – Medallions of succulent lamb tender loin grilled in a crispy fat served with sautéed potatoes, mushrooms and aubergine sauce.


Adress: 103-105 Southampton Row, Holborn, London WC1B 4HH

Tel: 020 7580 5355



Located in Lower Clapton, Pivaz Restaurant has a very modern decoration with soothing blue tones and is very popular with its fresh and delicious meze platters. These sharing plates of mixed cold and hot meze are especially preferred by British customers. Among the kebabs, Chicken Shish, Lamb Ribs and Adana Kebab are must tries. The current price sampling of the favorite dishes is as follows: “Sharing platter of mixed cold meze”  £14.5 – hummus, tzatziki, baba ganoush,beetroot tarator, aubergine in tomato sauce, “Sharing platter of mixed hot meze” £16.9 –  grilled halloumi, falafel, amulet pastry, sujuuk, zucchini fritters and calamari.


Tel: 020 8985 2599


Located in St Katharines Dock Marina behind Tower Bridge and Tower of London, one of the most touristic destinations in London, Kilikya Restaurant is known for its exquisite view overlooking the marina as well as the delicacies it offers from Turkish cuisine. Although it is difficult to find sunny days in London, it is very pleasant to sit at the tables outside the restaurant when the sun shines. St Katharinas Dock Marina has an ambiance that makes you feel like you are at a seaside town and when you get Turkish flavors on top of it, it gets dreamy. Sharing hot meze platter, halloumi salad and shish kebab are the most popular dishes of the venue. It is a nice detail that there is a wrap version of all the kebabs in the menu. The current price sampling of the popular tastes is as follows: Lamb Shish Wrap £15.95, Halloumi £12.95, Sharing hot meze platter £22.95


Tel: 020 7488 0813

Adress: Unit C4, Ivory House St.Katharine Docks, London E1W 1AT



Tas The Cut, one of the 12 restaurants of TAS Turkish Restaurant Group, is located in the Southwark region, south of the Thames River. The venue, which has both an authentic and stylish atmosphere, is quite spacious and welcomes guests from all nationalities with the most well-known meze and kebab varieties of Turkish cuisine.  “Humus with daily home-baked Turkish bread, “Hünkar Beğendi” – From the Sultan’s kitchen to Tas. A classic slow cooked lamb stew on a bed of creamy smoked aubergine sauce blended with cheddar cheese,  “Humus with daily home-baked Turkish bread” , halloumi, “Sarma” – stuffed vine leaves and “Tas İskender” – TAS classic mixed grilled meats on a bed ofcubed homemade bread, rich tomato sauce and creamy yogurt are their signature. From the desert menu, the crispy and warm “Künefe is the greatest final. The current price sampling of popular tastes is as follows: Sarma £6.25, Tas İskender £17.95, Hünkar Begendi £16.95, Kunefe £7.5.


Tel: 020 7928 2111 / 020 7928 1444

Address: 33 The Cut, London, SE1 8LF


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