Located on 110 Great Portland Street, WAGYU N SUSHI provides an unforgettable experience that celebrates the very best of Japanese culture and cuisine. From traditional outfits like the kimono to iconic sakura blooms, traditional furoshiki, rare fresh Japanese wasabi, premium wagyu, and classic dango, you’ll feel like you are in the heart of Japan at our central London location. Under the guidance of Executive Chef Padam Raj Rai, boasting over two decades of mastery in Japanese cuisine, our taste buds danced through a symphony of flavors. The journey began with the unveiling of rare, freshly grated Japanese wasabi, cultivated with meticulous care for up to three years. The pinnacle of the night? A5 Japanese wagyu – a crown jewel of beef, tenderly succulent and meticulously prepared.Each dish, a work of art, revealed aged soy sauces resting in century-old cedar barrels, enhancing the depth of every flavor. The visual presentation was as captivating as the explosion of tastes on our palates, a testament to the fusion of tradition and innovation. Wagyu N Sushi isn’t merely a dining experience; it’s an odyssey through Japan’s culinary heritage, an adventure that tantalizes the senses and nourishes the soul.




Dozo, first established in South Kensington in 2011, and has been serving premium-quality, contemporary Japanese cuisine ever since. They bring the spirit of Japan to our dining table in the ultimate, authentic dining experience with a stylish and modern twist.Much like people who honour pinky promises, decent, everyday sushi spots are hard to come by in London. That’s why Dozo is worth knowing about. We stopped here to round off in Soho yesterday and couldn’t have been happier with our choice. Dozo offered an authentic Japanese dining experience with service that was welcoming and hospitable, in a well decorated setting with sunken tables. It’s a very popular restaurant that does the usual sushi, sashimi, temaki, maki rolls and more&more. Especially The Dozo rolls are amazing  Volcano and Dragon maki to die for.  You must try Nasu Dengaku (Grilled aubergine with sweet miso dressing & sesame seeds) & Suzuki Shioyaki (Grilled sea bass in sea salt with ponzu dressing) as well. Definitely recommended.



Housed in a demurely luxe restaurant, Ginza S tJames is the butterfly that’s emerged from the Matsuri chrysalis after 25 years. And it lives up to the fanfare, with delicate sushi & sashimi dishes, Japanese-influenced cocktails, and dedicated counters for Teppanyaki and Robata.

From the cold starters, I would definetly recommend KAGOSHIMA WAGYU TARTARE – Minced wagyu served with fresh wasabi, sudachi, myoga and anchovies mayonnaise.
Those who love tempura, need to be directed to the delicious Prawn Tempura on the Warm Starters menu. But the highlight of the warm starters menu is the NASU TRUFFLE MISO- Grilled aubergine served with truffle miso, yuzu, nashi pear and caramelized pecans. The flesh of the aubergine is producing a soft and succulent taste and so lovely. The sushi menu is short but delightful. We chose the Ginza Maki & Aburi Wagyu Maki. Both were perfect. The “Prince of the menu” is the Black Cod Saikyo Yaki from the Robata grill menu. You can see why everyone raves about it. If you know, you know. If you don’t know put down whatever you are eating and get to Ginza to try it. It is absolutely superb. The work behind the dish which has to be marinated in saikyo miso for 48 hours ensures the diner has every taste bud satisfied. The thick flakes of flesh hold form but melt in the mouth. This dish is a must-try for any seafood lover.

Ginza St. James’s offers a relaxed atmosphere within elegant stylish surroundings whilst taking us on a culinary journey through Japan. The attention to detail reconnects to the search for balance and harmony, distinctive of Japanese cuisine. Highly recommended.



When you think of Japanese food, you think of sushi and ramen, right? Well, yes, there’s certainly no shortage of places in London where you can eat excellent raw fish and rich noodle soup, but Japanese cuisine has so much more to offer. If you want a traditional Japanese dining experience  in London, you have to eat at CHARCO CHARCO. I’ve been in this stunning restaurant with my wife, I felt like to actually be in Japan because of the wonderful environment and good quality of Japanese food and very friendly and accomodating service.Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) is the most popular choice of this hidden gem with table-top grills. But the sukiyaki is their speciality and it’s to die for. Worth to taste. They have also amazing sushi & rolls. Highly recommend to live a real experience with very very good food.




Savoring Pan-Asian Perfection at Gura Gura , a hidden gem in the heart of Covent Garden, is your passport to an exquisite Pan-Asian culinary journey. Step into a world where elegance meets innovation, where each bite takes you on a mouthwatering adventure. Sushi lovers, prepare to be dazzled by the freshest, most divine rolls! Dim sum enthusiasts, get ready for a symphony of flavors in every bite! And then there’s the Miso Black Cod, a dish that’s pure poetry on a plate. You won’t be able to resist its melt-in-your-mouth goodness. At Gura Gura, dining isn’t just a meal; it’s a luxurious experience, with hand-crafted cocktails and a splendid wine selection to elevate your evening. This place truly redefines Pan-Asian cuisine, and it’s a must-visit when in Covent Garden.



Celebrate the weekend with a fabulous brunch Roka Restaurant in Canary Wharf and enjoy contemporary Japanese robatayaki cuisine against the backdrop of Canary Wharf’s city skyline.

We were greeted with a Bellini followed by a selection of Roka dishes (sushi, sashimi… served at the counter) with the waiter bringing a selection of specials to the table alongside free flowing wine. The starters were plentiful and you can help yourself as many times as you want. From the mains, I recommend Black Cod marinated in Yuzu and Hajikami. Sensational! It was out of the world. Just amazing tasting gourmet Asian food at its finest. A most indulgent afternoon which left us all with a good feeling, highly recommended!



Craving sushi that’s not just delicious but also wallet-friendly? Look no further, Chuo Sushi located Shoreditch is your ultimate destination! They’ve redefined “quick value quality” with their innovative tech-led system, the Sushi Monorail! 🌟 Picture this: sushi delivered to your table on model monorail trains. It’s as fun as it sounds! 🚄🍱

Get ready to embark on a culinary journey with over 40 different types of high-quality sushi and izakaya-style dishes. From the mouthwatering Green Dragon Rolls to the exquisite Nigiri and melt-in-your-mouth Sashimi, there’s something for everyone.But wait, there’s more! For those who can’t resist a good crunch, the Gyoza is a must-try. And if you’re into counter dining, they’ve got you covered too! My personal favorites? The Green Dragon (Ebi, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo) and the Special Roll (Hamachi, shake, avocado, teriyaki sauce, togarashi). And you absolutely can’t miss the Maguro Tataki!

Short on time? No problem! Chuo Sushi offers ready-made sushi boxes for you to grab and go, so you never have to miss out on this sushi paradise! 🥢Hop on board the sushi express at Chuo Sushi and the flavors of Japan in style! 🎌


Whether you’re a grilled meat addict or an unrelenting sushi fiend, this izakaya-style restaurant has got a little bit for everyone. I started the evening with Prawn Tempura & California Rolls with an Aka Toki – a get-together of Suntory’s Toki whisky blend, hibiscus concentrate, topped with soda. Both were great. The Robata Skewers are small sticks of delight. The Chicken Thigh has tenderness and a thin sweet soy glaze to offset the small bits of barbecue char. Two lovely mouthfuls per skewer, they are soon just a memory. Robata is a restaurant with a massive charcoal grill, so my last order was Hay Flamed Beef Fillet – smoked & cooked over hay, served with yakiniku, chimichurri & chilli oil and it was fantastic. Everything we ordered full of different flavours and I’d happily order it all again. Good service and a lively atmosphere.



Sticks’n’Sushi is for those who love sushi and yakitori sticks – and for everyone in between. They serve not just the great food experience – but the full experience. Half their menu is sushi and half is meat based tapas style dishes served on sticks. They have a very helpful photo menu that shows you every single dish they serve and what it looks like. For the fish lovers, they have everything from Sashimi, Nigiri, and Maki. For meat lovers, they have beef & miso herb butter, duck breast with panko and my favourite – goat’s cheese with dried ham. Great menu, especially with easy batches and recommended sharing platters. Food was excellent. Overall it was an enjoyable evening with my family.



Named after the ancient Temples of the moon Sican is a escape to the enchanted. Situated in the vibrant heart of London, Sican is an immersive journey into the fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines, bringing a dynamic, all day and late night brunch experience that never sleeps. Dive into the tantalizing world of modern Nikkei culture, filled to the brim wit h innovative dishes and an unlimited assortment of unique Japanese and South American beverages. At Sican , we don’t simply serve meals, but create unforgettable sensory experiences that go beyond the plate. Melding indigenous traditions with a taste of the exotic, every visit is a nourishing celebration for your mind, body, and soul.


Oka serves traditional robata Grill dishes from around Asia alongside amazing sushi combinations. Oka guarantees fresh, seasonal healthy food made to order with daily specials & great cocktails and wine. The menu showcases a selection of homemade hosomaki, Uramaki, Nigiri, sashimi and Plates alongside an abundance of carefully chosen authentic Robata grill dishes like bulgogi beef, yakiniku rib eye steak, kimchi chicken, Mongolian lamb and miso black cod. The drinks list includes Dewazakura ‘Oka’ Sake, Japanese ‘hibiki’ whisky along with specialty cocktail menu which use ingredients like lemongrass, lychee, fresh wasabi and many more.




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