Michelin-starred Chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias has created a buzzing mid-century Spanish-Mexican eatery filled with cacti, succulents and terracotta tiles on the 10th floor of The Standard Hotel.

Decimo London is a fusion restaurant between the related cuisines of Mexico and Spain. The open kitchen operates around a huge wood-fired grill, promising to weave wisps of subtle smokiness through the menu.



Like most of London’s trendiest dining spots, the menu is designed to be shared, launching with a para picar (for the table) section. As always, bread is a must – Decimo’s comes straight from a turn on the open fire and is doused in olive oil. One of the greatest things I ate there, or indeed have eaten all this year, was a fairly innocuous-sounding concoction called “marinated red peppers”, which turned out to be an odd, circular serving of rich, smoky-sweet, remarkable-tasting pepper served on marble. I would also recommend octopus from the starters. It was so delicious. As a main we ordered and shared Rib of Beef. It was wonderfully juicy and beautifully cooked and we enjoyed the extra flavour and tenderness that comes with well matured meat.

There is one last tip – Right up on the top is the Standard London Rooftop, it’s just as great for a pre-dinner cocktail.

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