1. Colchester Zoo: Get ready for a wild adventure at Colchester Zoo! Explore a wide variety of animals and enjoy interactive exhibits. Children’s entrance fees (3-15 years old) start at £19.99.
  2. Colchester Castle Museum: Step back in time at Colchester Castle Museum and discover its rich history. Children’s entrance fees (5-16 years old) start at £4.50.
  3. High Woods Country Park: Take a break from the city and enjoy nature at High Woods Country Park. Let your kids run free, explore the woodland trails, and enjoy a picnic. Entrance is free.
  4. Leisure World Colchester: Dive into fun at Leisure World Colchester’s swimming pool and leisure facilities. Enjoy water slides, wave machines, and a lazy river. Entrance fees vary based on activities and age groups.
  5. Rollerworld: Lace up your skates and have a roller-skating adventure at Rollerworld. Enjoy the music, lights, and excitement of gliding around the rink. Entrance fees vary based on session times.
  6. Colchester Castle Park: Visit Colchester Castle Park and enjoy its beautiful surroundings. Let your kids roam the playgrounds, play mini-golf, or take a boat ride on the lake. Entrance to the park is free, but some activities may have additional fees.
  7. Jump Street Trampoline Park: Bounce and flip to your heart’s content at Jump Street Trampoline Park. This indoor trampoline park offers a range of activities suitable for different age groups. Entrance fees vary based on jump time and age.
  8. The Natural History Museum at Colchester: Explore the wonders of the natural world at The Natural History Museum. Children can learn about fossils, wildlife, and geological exhibits. Entrance fees are £3 for children aged 3 and above.
  9. Colchester Arts Centre: Experience the magic of live performances at Colchester Arts Centre. Enjoy theater shows, music concerts, and family-friendly events. Entrance fees vary depending on the event.
  10. Colchester Leisure World Playworld: Let your little ones burn off some energy at Playworld, an indoor soft play center. They can climb, slide, and explore in a safe and fun environment. Entrance fees start at £4.50.
  11. Tiptree Jam Factory and Museum: Visit the famous Tiptree Jam Factory and Museum and learn about the history of jam-making. Children can enjoy interactive exhibits and even sample delicious jams. Entrance is free.
  12. Colchester Odeon Cinema: Treat your kids to a movie experience at Colchester Odeon Cinema. Enjoy the latest family-friendly films on the big screen. Ticket prices vary depending on the movie and age.
  13. Hollytrees Museum: Discover local history and explore the exhibits at Hollytrees Museum. Children can learn about Colchester’s past through interactive displays. Entrance is free.
  14. Colchester Bowling: Have a fun-filled bowling experience at Colchester Bowling. Knock down some pins and compete with your family. Prices depend on the number of games and participants.
  15. Castle Park Miniature Railway: Take a ride on the Castle Park Miniature Railway and enjoy a scenic tour of the park. Children will love the train ride. Prices start at £2 per person.

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