HOLIDAY on a Budget – 5 reasons to VISIT BOSNIA and HERZEGOVA

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a great place to visit even for travelling on a budget. This beautiful country is full of history, culture, and nature, and you can enjoy it all without spending a fortune. In this article, I’ll show you some of the best affordable tours and experiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Why Bosnia and Herzegovina is a perfect destination for travellers?

This country is a unique and special place with a lot to offer. It’s great for travellers who want to explore without spending too much money. Also, it is great for people who love eating out, as Bosnian local food is known for delicacies and quality.

1 – Affordable accommodation

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is the best place to stay if you’re exploring the country on a budget. The city offers excellent connectivity to other cities and has the best tourist attractions in the country.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or outdoor adventures, Sarajevo serves as the perfect base for your travels. The city is packed with affordable accommodation options, including many hostels, hotels, and apartments situated in the very center of Sarajevo.

Staying in the heart of the city gives you easy access to top attractions like Baščaršija, the Old Bazaar, and the historic Latin Bridge. These centrally located accommodations allow you to experience the vibrant city life while staying within your budget.

Additionally, many of these places offer cozy, welcoming environments that make you feel right at home. You’ll find that the combination of affordability, convenience, and charm makes Sarajevo an ideal place to stay during your trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.


2 – Beautiful Places to Visit

The country is home to some truly stunning places. From the picturesque old town of Mostar with its famous bridge to the lively streets of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina has many beautiful sights to see. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to enjoy these amazing locations. Exploring the charming villages, historic cities, and breathtaking natural scenery is a joy that comes at a very reasonable price.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to several vibrant cities steeped in history. Sarajevo, the capital, offers a unique blend of East and West, where Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian influences come together. The city’s old bazaar, Baščaršija, and the famous Latin Bridge are just a couple of its many highlights. Similarly, Mostar is famous for its picturesque old town and the iconic Stari Most bridge, which provide a stunning backdrop for exploring the city’s rich past.

For outdoor lovers, Bosnia boasts some of the most beautiful mountains in the Balkans. The Dinaric Alps provide ample opportunities for hiking and skiing. The breathtaking views from places like Bjelašnica and Jahorina make them perfect for nature enthusiasts. These mountains are also steeped in history, having hosted events during the 1984 Winter Olympics.

The country is also renowned for its stunning lakes and waterfalls. The Pliva Lakes near Jajce are perfect for swimming and boating, while the breathtaking Kravica Waterfalls near Mostar provide a picturesque spot for relaxation. These natural wonders offer a serene escape from city life and are ideal for budget-friendly outdoor adventures.


3 – Budget-Friendly Tours to Try

There are many fun and affordable tours you can take in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Whether you want to learn about the country’s history, experience its vibrant culture, or explore its stunning nature, there’s a tour that fits your interests and budget.

This country offers a variety of affordable tours that cater to all kinds of interests. Whether you’re fascinated by history, eager to immerse yourself in vibrant local culture, or keen on exploring the country’s stunning natural beauty, there’s a tour for you.

Explore Sarajevo for free

One of the best ways to experience the capital city, is through a Sarajevo free walking tour. These tours, typically led by local guides, give you a comprehensive look at the city’s historical and cultural highlights. You’ll learn about the city’s storied past, including its time under Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian rule, while exploring landmarks like Baščaršija and the Latin Bridge. Although these tours are free, it’s customary to tip your guide based on how much you enjoyed the experience.

Discover the Siege of Sarajevo

For history enthusiasts, the Sarajevo Siege Tour offers a sobering but insightful look at the city’s wartime history. The tour provides a deep dive into the events of the Bosnian War, focusing on the city’s resilience during the longest siege in modern history. These tours, usually conducted by knowledgeable locals, are an affordable way to connect with Sarajevo’s recent past and understand its impact on the city today.

Hiking Tours in the Dinaric Alps

For those who love the great outdoors, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a paradise for hiking. You can choose between everal budget-friendly hiking tours in Bosnia that take you through the majestic Dinaric Alps. From exploring the peaks of Bjelašnica and Jahorina to climbing to the top of Čvrsnica, these tours are perfect for nature lovers. The breathtaking scenery and unique wildlife make these hiking tours an excellent value for adventure seekers.

Day Trips to Historic Towns

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s charming historic towns offer unique day trip opportunities. You can take a day tour from Sarajevo to Travnik and Jajce. Travnik is known for its medieval fortress and vibrant Ottoman architecture, while Jajce features a stunning waterfall right in the town center. These tours often include transportation and a guided exploration of the towns, providing great value for a day of exploration.

Explore Mostar and Kravica Waterfalls

Another great budget-friendly tour is a day trip to Mostar and the beautiful Kravica Waterfalls. Mostar’s iconic Stari Most bridge and charming old town are a must-see, and the nearby waterfalls offer a perfect spot to cool off and relax. These tours often include transportation and guided visits, allowing you to experience two of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s gems without spending a fortune.


4 – Local food delicacies

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s local cuisine is a delightful blend of Eastern and Western influences, offering a rich culinary experience. You can try the best ćevapi in Sarajevo -a traditional dish, small grilled sausages served with flatbread and onions, and burek, a savory pastry filled with meat or cheese, are both delicious and affordable. The country’s hearty stews, such as bosanski lonac, showcase the flavors of the region’s fresh ingredients. For dessert, baklava and tufahija, an apple stuffed with nuts and cream, are sweet treats that reflect the country’s Ottoman heritage. Enjoying a meal in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not only a culinary adventure but also a way to experience the country’s vibrant culture and hospitality.


5 – Vibrant atmosphere

This country has a very vibrant atmosphere, where lively markets and bustling squares are filled with the hum of daily life. The country’s nightlife is dynamic, especially in cities like Sarajevo and Mostar, where you can find cozy cafes, lively bars, and clubs catering to all tastes. The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina are incredibly friendly and welcoming, always ready to share their stories and make you feel at home.

Bosnia is a beautiful destination that offers something for everyone. With its affordable accommodation, stunning scenery, rich history, vibrant nightlife, and friendly people, it’s perfect for all travellers. A holiday here promises unforgettable experiences.


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