A Journey through the coast of India!

Over the Summer, Benares in Mayfair embarked on a tantalizing journey along the Indian coastline, and we were lucky to catch the tail end of this culinary adventure!

Benares – Mayfair, London

From the Konkan Coast to Andhra Coast to Malabak Coast, Benares treated us to a sensational lineup of special dishes, each celebrating the vibrant flavors of the region that inspired them.

Every dish that graced our table was a masterpiece, a testament to Benares’ artistry in Indian gastronomy.

Benares has a remarkable talent for redefining the Indian culinary experience, and this summer’s journey was no exception. Chef Sameer Taneja curated creations were a true reflection of the seaside regions they hailed from, offering a vibrant and refreshing taste of coastal India.

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a desire for culinary excellence, make sure to visit this Michelin-starred gem. Indulge in the extraordinary at Benares and savor the flavors of coastal India like never before!

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