Join me at The Arch Bar, nestled at IC Parklane, for a royal affair like no other! 

With breathtaking views overlooking Green Park, The Arch Bar offers an extraordinary experience that combines luxury and artistry. Immerse yourself in the new Royal Cocktail Collection, where each drink is a masterpiece inspired by the Royal Family and their timeless homes, artwork, and artefacts. Indulge in the exquisite flavors of the “Modern Family” cocktail, a harmonious blend of contemporary ingredients paying homage to the Royal Family’s rich heritage. And don’t miss the tantalizing “Land & Sea” creation, a captivating concoction that captures the essence of both royal residences and coastal wonders.

The Arch Bar – London

In my opinion, The Arch Bar’s Royal Cocktail Collection is the epitome of luxury and innovation. It’s a sensational journey that combines the richness of royal history with the excitement of modern mixology. Trust me, you won’t find this experience anywhere else! 

Make your Friday nights truly extraordinary at The Arch Bar and raise a glass to the royal legacy with these enchanting libations.  Tag your fellow cocktail enthusiasts who would love this majestic experience!

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